Hostal Conde de Villanueva Havana

Hostal Conde de Villanueva Hotel

Mercaderes 202, Old Havana, Havana, Cuba

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The Hostal Conde de Villanueva Hotel is located on the corner of Mercaderes and Lamparilla streets in the colonial section of Old Havana, right next to all the major sights, historical buildings and buzzing atmosphere of the historical Havana city center.

The Hostal Conde de Villanueva Hotel is located in the former 18th-century mansion of Claudio Martínez de Pinillos, the Count of Villanueva. Guests who are looking for a quiet and relaxed ambiance away from the busy Havana streets will really enjoy staying at this hotel. Habanos Cigar lovers will feel right at home in the Hotel Conde de Villanueva due to its open courtyard and proximity to the partagas factory in Old Havana.

Hostal Conde de Villanueva Habanos

Hostal Conde de Villanueva Hotel features one of the best and most well stocked cigar stores in the whole of Havana, La Casa del Habano, which offers private humidors allowing regular clients to always to have access to their own reserve of the worlds ultimate cigars from Cuba. The Hotels 9 rooms are aptly named after Cuban tobacco plantations and the paintings and photography on show throughout the hotel has tobacco as their main theme. Guests just love to watch the “torcedor” or Cigar makers at work in the lobby area of the hotel.

Conde de Villanueva Hotel havana

Non-smokers at Hostal Conde de Villanueva will be enamored by the authentic colonial beauty and cozy atmosphere that is on offer at this historic hotel in Old Havana. The cheerful inner courtyard garden and mahogany rocking chairs, spacious corridors and Hotel Conde de Villanueva’s picturesque stained-glass windows form the perfect ambiance for a relaxing and quiet stay.

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