Palacio O’Farrill Hotel Havana

Hotel Palacio O’Farrill Havana

Calle Esquina A Chacon 102-108, Old Havana, Havana, Cuba

 Hotel Palacio O'Farrill Old Havana Reviews Astounding interior design and stonework, unique guest experience, Havana’s St Patrick’s day venue

Hotel Palacio O’Farrill Old Havana is located near the picturesque Bay of Havana and Cathedral Square in Old Havana. The building is a tremendously grand neoclassical mansion standing on the corner of Cuba & Chacon Streets next to the Havana Cruise Port. Its owner, Don Ricardo O’Farrill y O’Daly, made his wealth in the slave trade, & owned several large sugar mills. Don Ricardo O’ Farrill and O’ Daly were lovers of neoclassical architecture which was in vogue at the start of the 19th Century. The hotel, Once used as a Palace offers a unique level of personal service to all guests.

Hotel Palacio O'Farrill Havana interior

The historic owners originally came from County Longford, in Ireland and arrived in Havana in the early 18th Century and is known to be the originating founder of the O’ Farrill family in Cuba, a family name which is very common in Cuba even today. The Hotel Palacio O’Farrill has retained the name Palacio O’ Farrill, in honor of its original owners. If you are lucky enough to be in Cuba on the 17th of March you’ll experience the amazing Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations held at Palacio O’ Farrill.

Hotel Palacio O'Farrill Old Havana

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, and although this tradition originates in Ireland, these days it is celebrated in many countries, the United States being an example of a long tradition of celebrations and holidays. The presence of the 18th, 19th and 20th century influences represented in the Hotels architecture, décor and ambience of the Palace add to the hotel’s extraordinary presence in Old Havana.

Hotel Palacio O’Farrill has an impressive entrance hall and lobby, with a toweringly high ceiling, & vast iron-studded polished mahogany master doors, elegant black marble seats in the hallway. The double-scrolled stone archway leading into the courtyard is another epic design feature.

Palacio O'Farrill Hotel Old Havana Rooms

An attractive characteristic of the Palacio O’Farrill building is the way in which the mahogany detailing has remained unpainted with a slight coat of varnish to reveal the beauty of the wood. Throughout the building there are pieces of period Cuban furniture as well as several artistic reproductions, but the latter are so well produced in exact imitation of original pieces that the whole impression is one of pleasing visual synergy. The closest Old Havana rental car Office to Hotel Palacio O’Farrill is at the Hotel Plaza.

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